“Unholy Cards Series 1: Demons of the Ars Goetia” was a series of 72 original hand-drawn illustrations created and packaged as an art installation for the Yuletide Art Bazaar in December of 2016. Each card was an original work of art featuring ancards illustration of a demon, based off of a description from the Ars Goetia, as well as that Demon’s personal sigil, as well as relevant symbols corresponding to their rank, astrological association, and the time of day in which they operate. They were packaged in commercial card sleeves with a digital printed backer, playfully reminiscent of mass produced collectable card sets. They also included an 8 page mini-zine which served as instructions for a magickal masturbation ritual.


Currently there are several Unholy Cards remaining.

They are $13 each
(plus $2 to $4 shipping)

If you are interested please contact me at kyle@kylebridgett.com or through Facebook or Instagram