I teach! My teachings can be received via private tutelage, or through NSCAD’s School of Extended Studies. Both channels cater to a variety of ages and skill levels with added emphasis on cartooning, doodling, accessibility, and self-promotion.


I cater instruction to my learners needs, whether that be the burgeoning scholar wanting to pen the perfect pair of neo-classical buttocks, or the compulsive doodler wanting to add some punch to their weaner drawings – I can help you! And I want to, I’m currently accepting new students, click here to chat about it.


I design & teach different classes during different semesters. Winter 2018 will find me doing these ones;

kyle2_sqSaturday Teen Art Classes: Ages 12-14

Students become familiar with concepts, skills and materials that are basic to painting, and learn how drawing can play an important role in painting. Drawing and painting techniques, colour mixing, painting application, composition, colour values, and contrasts will be considered. This course touches on why demonstrated ability to draw and paint from observation is a critical part of visual portfolio when applying to art colleges.


kyle5_sqComics & Zines: Ages 12-14

This March Break Camp introduces students to the visual language of comics and the basics of zine-making. Through individual and group exercises, students will learn the core techniques of writing and illustrating for comics, manga, and graphic novels. Using common and inexpensive materials, such as printer paper, pens, and even dental floss, students will learn simple photocopying and binding techniques while creating collaborative comic zines. The zine is a unique medium for self-expression with endless possibilities, so all skill levels and styles of drawing are welcome.


Graphic Novel Fundamentals: Ages 15-18

This course serves as a primer to help teens excel at comic creation. With a focus on in-class exercises, students will develop essential skills for writing and illustrating graphic novels. Areas of study will include the following components:perspective, expressive anatomy, narrative structure, and economic and dynamic page layout. These components will dramatically enhance students’ ability to create any kind of comic or graphic novel from manga, to simple cartoons, to superhero comics or other ground-breaking visual literature.


Doodling for Adultskyle6_sq

This class examines doodling as a cognitive attention aid, a visual language, a tool for ideation, and an aesthetic art form in its own right. Doodling is a pervasive everyday activity, the meaning and potential of which is still largely unknown. Recent studies have suggested that doodling while listening can significantly aid in the processing and retention of information. Today large corporations are contracting doodling workshops to improve innovation techniques amongst executives. For some artists, doodling can be the first conceptual step toward creation; for others, doodling is their art. Students will explore all of these possibilities, creating doodle-art.