I’m a former MAD Magazine contributor and cartoonist with 25 years of experience. Hire me to mentor your kids and teens in the art of drawing, doodling, cartoons, comics, and zine-making.

My individualized approach means that I cater instruction to you or your child’s existing interests in a way that encourages growth and development without stifling their creativity and enjoyment.

When I was a kid I hated art class. It was the one class where I should have thrived the most, but they were always limiting my expression by telling me what I couldn’t do. They never connected exercises and activities (many of which I now enjoy,) to an improvement in my skills for the kind of art I actually liked to do. Essentially they never took me, or my taste in art, seriously.

That’s why my method for teaching is to create exercises and projects that centre the interests and goals of my students, to makes learning and growth a fun and rewarding experience. I want to help my students find their own voice and the confidence that comes with it

I’m available for online or in-person instruction. You can find my contact information below.

Also you can see my PHILOSOPHY OF TEACHING, and checkout my CV for my relevant teaching experience. I also keep an up to date background check on hand which is available upon request.


I offer competitive pricing similar to private music instruction. Sessions are one hour per week. I teach from my in-home studio in Halifax, but I can meet students in their own home or public place (like a library) within the HRM. As well I’m available for online instruction worldwide. Travel costs (within HRM) and material costs (outside of the basics) apply. Group rates available upon request.

$45 per single lesson

$165 for 4 weeks

$300 for 8 weeks


Or call: (902) 293-9403

All prices are plus HST. Cancellations require 24 hours notice for rescheduling (emergency circumstances will be considered.)


I had worked with Jack at NSCAD Extended Studies in larger groups, but when the COVID-19 pandemic started all of my instruction work abruptly ended. I began working with Jack online where I helped him create a weekly web comic on Instagram. We eventually created an accompanying website, T-shirts and mugs, and even used GoFundMe to raise money to cover the publishing costs of a printed version. Check out the video from our successful crowdfunding campaign.