l-ronKyle C. Bridgett already had more than a decade of cartooning experience when he completed his studies as a mature student in drawing and illustration at NSCAD in 2015. His illustrations and comics have appeared online, in local magazines & small-press publications, and he has gained notoriety for his horror-vacuii band posters.

Through the NSCAD School of Extended Studies Youth Programming, Kyle teaches and designs courses for a variety of ages and skill levels, including for teens on comic and zine-making with a unique focus on local and national self-promotion.

Kyle’s work appears regularly in MAD Magazine – the premier satirical cartoon magazine in North America. Entrenched in Halifax, Kyle’s work focuses on the history of cartoons and comics; whimsy, eroticism, pop culture, mythology, and the occult. Currently he is working on a variety of publishing projects, including a new interpretation of Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot deck, and is collaborating on a children’s book concerning the romantic journey of a lovesick wiener dog.

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