Welcome to Kyle Bridgett Dot Com!


…on your excellent taste in websites. Here you will learn all about Kyle C. Bridgett (and nothing about Kyle Cram.)

There are several galleries of my work available, including:    Commercial Illustration– where you’ll find samples of editorials, product design, etc. Posters -featuring a variety of posters spanning the last 15 years- Comics -containing a sampling of my comic works- Animated GIFs -an exciting new venture for me- and finally, for the cake-eaters, my Fine Art.

By clicking the Projects tab you can learn about some of the ongoing projects that I’ve recently been, or am, currently working on. These include a Tarot Deck that I’ve been working for 3 years (or more), and a drawing series called Unholy Cards.

If you’re interested in taking any of my studio courses offered in Halifax, NS. Canada, or hiring me for one-on-one instruction, check out the Instruction tab for an up to date list of upcoming courses.

Of course, if you’re a socially minded internet person, you can find all of my contact information and social media links on either the side bar → or by scrolling down if you are using a mobile device.  Or, if you just love to click, you can simply click here.

It’s Here: Nostril Wear

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 7.39.07 PM

I’m selling T-Shirts! Well, Teepublic is… but I get some of the money! Check it out I’ve uploaded several designs to start including Funky Animal Puns, Lovecraftian Horror Humour, and of course, for the LCNE enthusiasts : NOSTRIL WEAR

This is an experiment in print on demand T-shirt sales, so if it pans out, I’ll be uploading new designs and I might expand to other sites.

So what are you waiting for go to my TEEPUBLIC SITE now!

GIFing Ain’t Easy

Hiya fans!

Great frickin’ news! I’m officially a Giphy artist! This means my GIFs are now searchable across various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and more.

For more information click the “Donkey Kong” Robie


To visit my Giphy Channel click the warp zone Robie below

Robie Pipes full runthru